I Love Spring…

The family is going through some real crap right now, so I’ll be silent for a bit. However, I wanted to leave you all with a view of one of the many reasons that I love upstate NY in the spring…




Homestead Baby Steps…



Aaaand this is me.  Laying on the family dog by the way.  In the background there (yes, there seems to be a toilet in our lawn) is part of the property the Hubbs and I purchased.

Holy Sh…. yeah.  We have a lot of work to do.  Technically, at this point, our home is a camp.  There’s a fifth-wheel with two additions built onto it.  Its tiny, I’m thinking about 500-600 feet.  By no means a “tiny home” on wheels but with the two Crunchy Kids, myself and Hubbs… AND our great dane/lab puppers and six cats… lets just say it’ll take some getting used to.   We have walls to rip out, electric to be run and I will figure out how to get rid of those hellspawn wasps that decided to nest in the walls.

It’s Home.

A family member said we had downgraded in life.  Why? Because I don’t want a mortgage for the rest of our days? Because I want my kids to understand there is more to life than tapping on a screen?  Because we like having food from scratch that we grew ourselves? Okay, fine.  But I’m happy with my “downgrade” thank you!

The goal is to have the ‘stead ready for fall.  Is it going to happen? Gosh I hope so. We want the boys to get into the school up there first thing.  Though we are willing to start them back where we currently are for a couple of months and switch them by November.  November is do or die for us.  When November hits it’s snow season.  We wont see the ground again until April.

So here we go, lets see what kind of fun I can get us all into 🙂

Stay Crunchy!